Prayer Rock Flute

December 10,2014



we are out of flutes & done for the year

Merry Christmas and a peaceful and wonderful 2015


Note: Some flutes have off-set finger holes for playing with right hand at the low notes.

All of my flutes are made of rare quality Eastern Aromatic Cedar. This is an ideal wood for flutes.

I've been thinking about this group of flutes for over a year, considering what I needed to do to accomplish a higher quality flute. Last Summer I went to the Ozark Mountains and picked out cedar flute blanks from my excellent sawyer; Paul Foster, and gathered the other materials, including earth pigment enamel paint and German hard oil finish. Mostly I gathered all of my designs and fortunate accidents together and carefully crafted what I know are my finest Prayer Rock Flutes to date. My Prayer Rock flutes are based on the Anasazi artifacts.


Unfortunately; these are the last Prayer Rock flutes I will be making for a while. Due to my hand injury I will be taking at least a month off from the workshop and perhaps longer.


Based on 700 to 1200 year old artifacts of the ANASAZI civilization, this 6 hole rim-blown flute is true to the scale and tone of the ancient Pueblo flutes of the Four Corners area of the South Western USA . The smaller  A, 28 inches long, has straight finger holes. The larger G# (29.5") and the largest; G (30.5") have off-set finger holes for easier reach (these are large flutes). All models are very high quality Eastern Aromatic Cedar, with very durable Earth pigment enamel designs or branded triangle design, excellent tone and tuning. These are appropriate flutes for the beginner or professional flute player and are built to last many life times. All rim-blown flutes are difficult to learn and well worth the effort. Artful instrument, beautiful, haunting tone. (listen to Time Travelers).

There are many Youtube examples of Coyote Oldman flutes.

This is a good Youtube example of the Prayer Rock Flute:     Track 5, "Your Only Human" is a good clear representation of the Anasazi flute, the flute used on this song is a G#.

This video was recorded on a cell phone, flute sound is not enhanced.

NOTE: I am NOT a member of any Native American Tribe.

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