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 I am the sole craftsman producing all of the Coyote Oldman Flutes. All of my flutes are professional quality in tone and tuning and artfully made. I have been a professional recording artist using my own flutes since the mid 1980's; I've also been a professional craftsman and artist all of my adult life and I very much care about the quality of the flutes and music that I am selling.

I hand-pick every piece of superior quality American cedar from my sawyers, Paul and Wanda Foster in NW Arkansas; this is the foundation of the technical quality & aesthetic beauty that is  essential to my designs.  After 35 years of trial, I've found a superior natural non-toxic finish that I use on all of my flutes.   I take many extra steps to make sure my flutes easily endure daily use. My flutes can be played outdoors, on the water & trail, in concert halls and recording studios.

It is important to me to keep my flutes priced very reasonably and that everyone receives something beyond the price paid.

Every flute I make is crafted to last for centuries.

Michael Graham Allen


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